Fund Manager Interview

Mr. Amit Ganatra

Head of Equities, Invesco Mutual fund

Amit Ganatra is a highly accomplished financial professional renowned for his expertise in equity fund management and investment strategy. With over two decades of experience in the investment industry, Mr. Ganatra currently serves as the Head of Equities at Invesco Asset Management, where he leads a team of investment professionals and oversees the management of equity portfolios.

Throughout his career, Mr. Ganatra has demonstrated a remarkable ability to navigate complex market environments and deliver strong investment performance for clients. His strategic vision and deep understanding of market dynamics have earned him a reputation as a trusted leader in the field. Prior to his role at Invesco, Mr. Ganatra held senior positions at leading financial institutions, including Invesco Asset Management (India) Private Limited, DBS Chola Asset Management, Fidelity Investments, and CMIE.

In these roles, he played a pivotal role in shaping investment strategies, managing diverse portfolios, and driving business growth. Mr. Ganatra holds a C.F.A. in finance from the AIMR US, further underscoring his commitment to professional excellence and continuous learning in the financial domain. With his wealth of experience and proven track record of success, Mr. Ganatra continues to be a driving force in the investment industry, delivering value to clients and stakeholders alike.