Mutual Funds - One Pill for all your Financial Goals

The majority of Indian investors do not have a structured approach to savings and investment. The amount of money saved is determined by their spending patterns rather than a savings target. In a similar vein, most people invest haphazardly. When they have enough money, they invest it all without any specific goal-in bonds, stocks, post office small savings plans, bank FDs, etc.

Every individual has financial goals that are unique to their needs. Some of these goals could be short-term like a foreign holiday which is 12-15 months away or mid-term like owning a car after 4 years, while others could be long-term oriented like funding your 3 year old child’s higher education or having a financially protected retirement.

Whatever your needs might be, there are mutual fund schemes to help meet them. Mutual funds are a one-stop solution to all of your financial goals. There is a mutual fund basket for every type of investor; whether you are a conservative or aggressive investor, have a short-term or long-term goal, have a small or large amount to invest. You can use a variety of mutual fund schemes with various investment objectives to accomplish your financial goals.

SEBI allows Indian fund houses to offer different types of schemes for investing in different kinds of assets. Mutual funds come in all shapes and sizes, but choosing the right mutual fund scheme for your financial needs is the real question. Your objectives for mutual fund investments can vary, such as generating a regular income, wealth accumulation or capital preservation. Let us look at some of the common goals and the most suited mutual fund options to invest in for these goals.