How to benefit the most from a Mutual Fund Distributor?

We all make efforts to plan our investments, yet we often get dismayed if our expectations aren’t met. We may encounter nervousness and loss aversion bias in weaker markets, and overconfidence bias in stronger markets. Driven by emotions, we may make mistakes in volatile markets. In fact, emotions and personal biases are very commonly found in our investment behavior. Many times, we aren’t even very knowledgeable and skilled enough to make the right decisions. All these factors may severely impact our financial well-being and overall journey to an extent. What is a way out for such investors?

Perhaps what we may need is a helping hand and a support system to keep us grounded in order to maintain our confidence in our investments and to keep a track on serving our objectives. A Mutual Fund (MF) Distributor can be that source of emotional handholding which is in the best position to guide you on your mutual fund investments. He is the one who can help identify our risk profile, help us clear our financial objectives and then provide us with suitable recommendations.

The question of what we can do to make the most of our MF distributor frequently goes unanswered. Investors usually figure out the areas that MF distributors must address to make sure that they have a smooth and simple journey. Yet, investors take a back seat about clearing their expectations and needs. To have a successful and fulfilling financial journey, the responsibility lies on both of us – the investors and the MF distributors alike. It is a shared responsibility and frankly we need real participation and commitment from us as investors as well. Investors must therefore go one step further and complete their homework and should know how we can benefit the most from the MF distributor.

Here are a few of ways how investors might benefit the most from a MF distributor: