We as mutual funds distributors are devoted to giving clients reliable financial advice and services. We have the expertise and understanding to assist you in achieving your financial objectives by offering you access to a broad selection of mutual funds. We have collaborated with major mutual fund companies to provide you with the most up-to-date information about their funds, so you can make informed choices about where to invest. We also provide ongoing assistance and advice about the performance of your investments, so you can maximize your financial portfolio. With our experts and dedication to customer service, you can feel confident that your investments are in capable hands.

Some of the parameters that we usually consider before we make any recommendations:

Age of the investor and risk appetite:

Higher the age, lower the risk and vice versa.

Market conditions and interest rates

PE, P/BV, and dividend yields are the variables help us decide in ‘favor of’ or ‘against equity

Number of members in the family and number of dependents

Generally, higher the family income, higher the risk appetite. However, we often combine this with certain other variables and look on a case to case basis.

Political Global Factors

Political stability, geopolitics, international oil prices and domestic and international interest rates are given adequate weightage.

What are Mutual Funds?

A mutual fund is a type of investment vehicle that takes funds from many different investors and puts them into a portfolio of stocks, bonds, government securities, and other money market instruments. Professional fund managers manage the funds, and the profits from the investments are split among the investors after fees and taxes are taken out.

Mutual funds charge a fee for their services. In summary, mutual funds are pools of money from multiple investors that are managed by an experienced Fund Manager. These funds offer a range of products that cater to different investor objectives, such as capital appreciation, capital preservation, regular income, liquidity, and tax-saving. Furthermore, mutual funds offer growth and dividend options, allowing investors to customize their investments based on their needs.

How mutual funds works?

Mutual funds are a great way to grow your wealth without having to do the research or have the skills and experience to invest in the stock market. They are easy to invest in, as all you need to do is purchase units at the prevailing NAV. The returns you receive from mutual funds can come from dividends, interest, capital gains, and other income. You can also gain capital gains (or losses) if you sell the units for more (or less) than the amount you paid for them.

It is important to remember, however, to avoid the temptation to review the fund’s performance every time the market moves significantly and to give it enough time – between 18 and 24 months – to generate returns for your portfolio. In addition, mutual funds are also ideal for those who wish to start investing in small amounts. Those who lack the expertise or experience to invest in the stock market directly, or who want to grow their wealth but do not have the time to research the stock market, can also benefit from mutual funds.

Why should you invest in Mutual Fund?

The goals of individuals when it comes to investing can be vastly different; from post-retirement costs, to money for education or marriage, and even buying a house. As such, the products they require to meet these goals differ as well. Mutual funds offer a range of advantages compared to
investing in individual securities.

These funds give people the chance to invest in equity shares, corporate bonds, government securities, and money market instruments all at a reasonable cost. Additionally, it allows the retail investor to benefit from the capital markets with the help of a professional manager making the decisions.

Types of Mutual Fund

Mutual Funds come in many varieties, designed to meet different investor goals.
Mutual funds can be broadly classified based on

How can we help you in choosing the right Mutual Fund?

  • Understand Risk Tolerance & Goals: Before making you invest in any mutual fund, we take the time to understand your financial goals and assess your risk tolerance. This will help us choose funds that fit your needs.
  • Research: Once we understand your goals and risk tolerance, it’s time for us to do some research on the different mutual funds available in India. Look at the performance of the funds over the last few years and read reviews from other investors.
  • Monitor your Investments: Once we have chosen the right mutual funds for you, we monitor your investments regularly to ensure they are meeting your goals. If a fund is not performing as expected, we inform you about the need to switch to another fund.