Should my Spouse Work

Should My Spouse Work Calculator is a simple calculator that helps couples decide whether it is financially feasible for one or both spouses to work. It takes into account income, expenses, taxes, and other factors to provide an accurate analysis of the finances and whether one spouse should continue to work or not.

Sources of Income

Annual Salary:

Annual Pension:

Annual Rental Income:

Annual Interest:

Annual Dividends:

Annual Other Incomes:

Income Net of Taxes (Monthly):

Additional Expenses

Annual Child Care Expenses:

Annual Work Transportation:

Annual Work Related Clothes:

Annual Housekeeping:

Annual Children's Entertainment:

Annual Eating Out:

Annual Other Expenses:

Additional Insurance Requirements

Annual expected Life insurance premium:

Annual expected Health insurance premium:

Spouse Annual Net Income:
Add: Opportunity Cost of Not Working:
Less: Additional Expenses:
Additional Income if Spouse Works: